Why Rail is the Ultimate Holiday for Flexible Travellers

Travel Weekly
May 22, 2023

The borders have reopened and your clients are returning to conquer the world!

And while they’re not conquering the world like Napoleon wanted to, they share his ambition of traversing the globe, albeit peacefully.

Of your adventurous globe-trotting clients, they likely fall into two camps: those wanting to explore their own way or travellers who seek the assistance of a guide.

However, while it sounds almost too good to be true, the opportunity to get the best of both worlds is out there. The chance to immerse oneself in the local culture and “travel like a local” is the ultimate travellers dream and, luckily for you and your clients, it is offered with the independent holiday platform Railbookers.

Holidays through Railbookers go any day, any time, anywhere the train goes. With flexibility a top priority, agents know that their clients who seek an independent holiday via Railbookers are in the hands of traveller-conscious experts.

Railbookers take the stress out of planning for advisors because just one call is needed to sort out the transportation, accommodation, and sightseeing activity bookings. With an array of experts on hand, Railbookers utilises the knowledge of its rail specialists to craft custom-made itineraries that showcase the beauty of multiple destinations. And you don’t have to spend hours (or much time really) researching possible holiday spots.

The independent holiday platform can provide access to the top scenic and luxury rail journeys in the world and many travellers supplement existing river cruises in Europe or other previously planned holidays with the chance to see more of Europe and North America by train.

And these changes to the itinerary can be quite last-minute as Railbookers facilitates bookings up until two days before the wheels kick-off. Whether your clients want to travel in two days or are booking 2 years ahead, Railbookers locks in the rate for bookings made within this 24-month period.

Railbookers has seen rapid growth in its Australian business and has responded by adding new sales staff. Italy and Switzerland are currently its top sellers in Europe among Australian travellers, while those looking to explore North America can do so with Railbookers and its sister brand, Amtrak Vacations.

But booking with Railbookers isn’t just for your clients. Booking your clients with Railbookers has become so much easier with its recently revamped Travel Agent Toolbox.

Here, agents can find all Railbookers’ latest deals, training videos, maps and brochures, social assets and flyers to provide their clients with the latest and greatest from the booking platform.

Within the Toolbox, Railbookers has also added the function for agents to submit a quote request to the platform directly if they prefer – this means they have the option to either call Railbookers directly to build a quote or submit one online.

So if your client tasks you with crafting a flexibility-focused holiday and you’re running short on time, Railbookers is your best bet for success.

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