Railbookers, Much More Than Only A Rail Booking Platform

July 26, 2023

“If the train goes there, so do we”. Frank Marini was keen to get that message across as he made his 40th trip to Australia from his base in the USA as President and CEO of Railbookers Group.

He’s in Australia to thank travel partners for their support in rail bookings over the past twelve months.

Marini told LATTE with the world opening up, there has been a surge in bookings as people discover that travelling by train is the way to go.

“We’re seeing last-minute interest, for example just last week, 47 per cent of our bookings were booked to travel in August, September and October to Europe.”

He said the big advantage Railbookers has is that travel advisors don’t have to book with many different vendors; one for rail, one for hotel, one for transfers, one for sightseeing, car rental and river cruises.

“We’re also seeing huge demand for independent travel for rail as people may not want to drive everywhere or take a bus. They want that flexibility, and we go to many destinations, every day, so if you want to go to Italy, Switzerland, even Ireland by train, Railbookers can get you there on day trains and night trains”.

There are 26,000 train stations in Europe, 500 plus in the USA and over 400 in Canada. Railbookers represent most of the national rail carriers, such as Amtrak, VIA Rail Canada, Rocky Mountaineer, Trenitalia, Germany’s Deutsche Bahn as well as luxury rail operators including the likes of Orient Express and all of the national networks globally.

Marini said rail is one of the most magnificent ways to travel. You can see the countryside without having to drive, and in Europe you arrive right in the downtown area, and your journey starts the day you get aboard.

He said Railbookers can customise tailor-made tours and travelling by train is a great connector.

“We speak trains,” he added.

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