Many Advisors Don’t Realize How Many People Use Rail Travel

Travel Weekly
July 26, 2023

The CEO of Railbookers has highlighted everything that the platform can provide to Australian agents as well as some interesting insights into the rail industry, speaking exclusively to Travel Weekly. 

Frank Marini, the CEO of Railbookers, believes many agents don’t know what they are missing out on if they haven’t been utilising the thousands of railway stations around the world when curating itineraries for clients.

“Rail travel can be anything the consumer wants it to be,” Marini said.

“Although we have packages, everything is customisable.

“You can travel every single day the train goes, which is every day, so that’s maximum flexibility and that’s the real difference with rail travel.”

Railbookers offers itineraries around the world, from Queensland coastal experiences departing from Cairns to travelling the stunning fjords, and majestic Northern Lights of Scandinavia, Railbookers is a one-stop shop for advisors.

“We don’t actually do just rail at all,” Marini said.

“Everything from land, hotel, accommodation, sightseeing, everything with rail.

“Our core is rail, so we wouldn’t sell anything without rail, but we’re the rail experts that can connect everything and make it easier for an agent so they just make one call.”

“We are kind of like the travel agent for the travel agent.”

Asked on the latest trends in the market, Marini said in Australia, the staples such as Switzerland, Italy and Scotland are all strong.

“[There’s also been] a lot of inter-country trips, not just one country per se.

“What we’ve seen post-COVID is humongous growth and a lot of that is with independent travellers who are the first to travel because they are a little more exploring.”

Right now, in addition to the commission earned on every part of Railbookers’ holidays, including rail travel, hotel accommodations and sightseeing activities, travel advisors will be awarded a Visa gift card of up to $100 for bookings that travel in 2023.

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