Going Remote Has Transformed the Railbookers Structure

July 24, 2023

While the pandemic dished up no shortage of negatives for the travel sector, it allowed Railbookers to turn it into a positive.

Converting to a remote working model and closing physical offices during the COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed how rail wholesaler Railbookers does business, according to company President and CEO, Frank Marini.

While the virus caused havoc for the travel industry for several years, all it took was six months for Railbookers to notice a significant uptick in productivity, efficiency and customer service.

Speaking during a visit to Sydney this week, Marini said closing Railbookers’ offices in London, Boston, Los Angeles and Sydney was one of the best moves the company could have made.

Now operating under a fully remote model, Marini said Railbookers has been able to recruit talent based on skills rather than proximity, resulting in a workforce of over 250 staff across five countries and 33 states in the U.S.

One of the key advantages of this set-up is the ability to offer 24/7 support to travel advisors and customers by directing enquiries to whichever of its offices the sun shines upon at any given time.

Travellers can pick from pre-designed itineraries and then customise to suit their needs.

What hasn’t changed is Railbookers’ commitment to customisation, which allows it to offer more than 5,000 itineraries with unlimited possibilities for each traveller.

Travel advisors and customers collaborate to create unique journeys before Railbookers’ analysts study the travel patterns and identify the most appropriate itineraries before utilising a proprietary system to price those itineraries for every single day of the year over a two-year period.

The marketing team takes it from there, sourcing pictures and crafting engaging descriptions for each itinerary, resulting in a brand-new product.

All the itineraries featured on the website are readily available for booking. There’s also no need to wait for an itinerary to reach a minimum number of passengers to guarantee departure. Travellers plan their travel on any day that suits their schedule, with Railbookers working closely with rail operators to ensure accurate pricing and availability.

Such a flexible system caters to a diverse range of customers. Some prefer to book and depart on the same day, while others plan far ahead, scheduling their journeys up to two years in advance.

Railbookers’ presence in Australia ensures dedicated support staff for the region, and all products are sold in Australian dollars.

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