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April 3, 2023

If you’d like to choo-choo-choose less stress for you, and an effortless rail itinerary for your clients, choo-choo-choose Railbookers. While a journey by train makes many stops, Railbookers is the one-stop-shop for rail travel across Europe and beyond. Hop aboard as we share the top reasons why you should get on the Railbookers train.

Immersive Travel

A journey by train is one of curiosity, flexibility, and a chance to get immersed in local cultures. Rail travellers have the pleasure of relaxing into their journey without attention required for driving, maps or irate road rage-y motorway drivers.

Moments of magic are captured, not bypassed, as they are on a flight. And across the world, trains are getting comfier, more convenient, and way, way more efficient.

Pretty blissful, huh?

Stress-free Rail Itineraries

It is blissful when you use Railbookers! The rail journey experts, they take the stress out of your workday by doing all the planning for you. You book your client’s airfares to their first and final cities; they’ll take care of the rest.

And by rest, we mean above and beyond just using their railbuff know-how, prowess, and connections to get your clients on that epic train trip. They’ll also coordinate transport, accommodation, and sightseeing activities, creating the perfect itinerary.

Complex Train Trips Made Easy

Australians of all ages love rail journeys. Like, obsessed with them. Especially those multi-destination journeys across Europe.

While some iconic rail journeys may seem easy to book, few travellers want to simply sit on a train for days. They want to experience the impressive landmarks, thrilling attractions, and diverse cultures that line the route. Therefore, it doesn’t take long for rail journeys to get complex. This is why handing over your client’s itinerary to Railbookers makes sense and saves you time.

When your client shares, “I want to go on a rail journey across Europe” it could mean so many things. Are they considering a journey aboard the Glacier Express through the Swiss Alps? And maybe a trip on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express through England, France and Italy? Perhaps they’d also like to hop aboard the lesser-known Bergen Railway, a jaw-dropping journey through Norway’s dramatic Hardangervidda plateau. Yay for the commission, but eek for the work required to make that all happen.

Luckily, the train geeks at Railbookers have hundreds of itineraries to destinations around the globe. If the train goes there, so do they! They’re also skilled at complementing rail journeys with existing travel plans, like European river cruising.

Customisable Itineraries Every Time

Working with a FIT provider like Railbookers means your clients get exactly the itinerary they want, every time.

Each Rail Expert is skilled at creating an idyllic independent rail holiday. They also seem to have the keys to the engine room, as we’ve seen some pretty exclusive additions to their itineraries, offering VIP access to the world’s top scenic and luxury rail journeys.

With currencies fluctuating more than the weather on a Melbourne autumn day, it’s noteworthy that all Railbookers’ itineraries can be locked in at AUD for trips as far out as 24 months.

So Hot Right Now

Want to know what’s hot in trains right now? The Railbookers team revealed their five most popular trips for independent travellers this year:

Agents, Get all the Deets

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